Installing on Mac was very smooth, and playback is perfect, I used it for about 5 to 6 songs, no problems at all. So I'll say it's great on Mac.
Though my home server is running Windows Home server 2011, I don't want to keep my Mac air on all the time, so obviously it'd be must better if home server can run Airsonos. But then nightmare begins.
I had
  • Couldn't locate vcbuild.exe
  • fatal error c1083: cannot open include file
  • something something is not build for x64 platform
  • Need python
So after:
  • Using 32 bit Node.js
  • Installed Python 2.7
  • Installed VS ++ 2010
  • Installed Bonjour SDK
I was finally be able to start Airsonos on my windows server and successfully located my sonos player.
However then when I connect to it on iPhone, it stuck and disappears, over and over again, wouldn't play at all. I tried disabling the windows firewall, didn't work.
So anyway, just want to help those people who are trying it on windows. Good luck!