Bought Tp-Link AV500 Powerline Adapter with AC Pass Through Starter Kit (TL-PA4010PKIT) from MSY, 89 dollars.
Live in a rented apartment, can't put ethernet cables into the walls and don't want the cables to lay on the floor all over the place, wireless is always a pain, stability is the biggest issue. I used to sell those powerline adapters a lot when I worked in a computer shop, never cared about it because I thought I'd never use them.
But under current circumstance, I got to the conclusion that powerline adapters are the only option. So here comes the results:
They are 500Mbps model with 100Mbps ports, during daytime when there's not much power usage, the speed can reach 10MB/s which is pretty much peak speed and if I put it on a powerboard, it drops to 9MB/s, still pretty good.
During the night, speed drops to 6MB/s, only slightly better than my wireless, however it's much more stable, doesn't dropout that frequently like the wireless does. That's good enough for me.
I do got a bit issue that the size of the adapter is too big, and the wall sockets are always in pair and close to each other which makes me can't plug it on the wall directly. That's why I was testing the speed on a powerboard.
The good thing is that looks like different models should be able to pair together (tp-link) which is convenient for future expansion.