Amazon AWS FreeTier is going to expire this month. Thinking about the money I gonna waste on an empty, not used much server, I came to the idea that uses static site and Github Pages hosting.
My personal blogging path has been: PjBlog -> Wordpress -> Umbraco -> MiniBlog -> Pretzel
Main reason to use Pretzel instead of Jekyll is that I am on Windows platform, it's always painful to run those linux stuff on it.
And I think for me as a developer, the focus has always been diverted by the technology that I use to build the blog, instead of writing and maintaining the blog itself. So by making content simple and single files, I hope that I can from now on, focus more on the content.
Update - later that day
Spent sometime migrated all the current site to here. I like this new site, feels much cleaner and simpler. Although now publishing is more complicated, but I guess it does help me focusing on the content, since all I need to do it open Notepadd++ to write.