In order to stick to my previous post which states that I will not change the blog platform anymore but focus on writing content. I came up with an idea that to create an Asp.Net website to edit markdown files, generates the html site, then use git to commit to Github.
I know, kind of ridiculous. Why do I bother? Just setup a dynamic blog!
But you know, we, developers, always do stuff just because... we can...
Of course there're more genuine reasons:
  1. Tiered of changing blog platform, will try to keep it as static html site from now on.
  2. Can utilize Github Page and Azure free App Service. Not saying hosting a website is too much money, just don't feel it's worth the money for me.
  3. As a practice for Asp.Net 5(or Core 1?)
Did a quick research, this is achievable with the following libraries/tools:
  1. libgit2sharp - git api in C sharp -
  2. pretzel - static html site generator in C sharp -
And a online markdown editor and file management definitely exist.