It's common for us who work with Sitecore having multiple Sitecore instances locally.

When the time comes that the license.xml expires and needs to be replaced, it's a bit of manual work to replace all the locations. There are PowerShell scripts to replace all at once but I wanted it to be even easier, so tried pointing all license.xml to one license.xml file using symlink which is supported by Windows.

Saving below scripts into a PowerShell(ps1) file and executing should replace all license.xml files under c:\inetpub\wwwroot to link to the license.xml defined in the scripts. You can change the 2 parameters as well if required.

    [string] $licenseFile = "C:\ResourceFiles\license.xml",
    [string] $websitesRoot = "C:\inetpub\wwwroot"
function make-link ($target, $link) {
    New-Item -Path $link -ItemType SymbolicLink -Value $target
Set-Location $websitesRoot
Get-ChildItem -Filter license.xml -Recurse | Select FullName | ForEach-Object {
    #Write-Host "Processing "$_.FullName
    Rename-Item -Path $_.FullName -NewName "license.xml.bak"
    #Write-Host "Rename to license.xml.bak"
    make-link -target $licenseFile -link $_.FullName
    #Write-Host "Link created"

Also make sure to run the script as an administrator and make sure the target license.xml is readable by all IIS apps.