Due to the recent growing trend of working from home situations, Asus updated their routes with serval QoS feature enhancements. But when I tested with those features, I could not disable QoS in the web interface afterwards. Basically, when you switch “Enable QoS” to “Off” and click “Apply”, nothing happens.

My route model is RT-AC68U, but I see people have the same issue with other models when I Googled. The solution, in theory, should work for other models but with no guarantees. Note: There are other solutions that require telnet and commands, I prefer easier solutions :-)

The solution:
  1. When you are on the above page and select “OFF"
  2. Open Chrome “Developer Tools"
  3. Head to the Console
  4. Put in “document.form.qos_enable_orig=1” and hit enter. You should see something like below after you hit enter:
  5. Click “Apply”, it should work now